So after last week’s picks, here’s how we stand on the season (remember, our picks started in Week 2): SLAM: 8-4; FREAKNICK: 6-6. Let’s see if we can do a little better this time around.

Wednesday's Euroleague games.

Shaun Stonerook's 'fro is only part of the reason Asvel basket should be scared.Montepaschi Siena @ Asvel Basket

Slam: Did Asvel change their name to Ali-vel? Because unless anyone else steps up I smell blowout against Siena. Siena.

Freaknick: When you count the hair, Stonerook might have an inch or two on Asvel big ‘un Ali Traore. Well, I’m counting the hair. Montepaschi Siena.

Cibona @ Fenerbahce Ulker

Slam: I think we’re all starting to feel bad. FB Ulker.

Freaknick: Lynn Greer and Oguz Savas are high-fiving each other somewhere. FB Ulker.

Lietuvos Rytas @ Olympiacos

Slam: You can’t pick against the October MVP, Bojan Popovic. Rytas.

Freaknick: You can’t pick against the October MVP…unless he’s playing on the road against a team that’s talented and mad as hell after last week’s beat down. Olympiacos.

Lottomatica Roma @ Maroussi

Slam: Can anybody stop the offensive machine that is Roma? Well, yes probably at some point but it’s not going to be Maroussi. Roma

Freaknick: Don’t think they’ll stay undefeated much longer, but one week isn’t much longer. Roma.

EWE Baskets @ BC Khimki

Slam: Finally, the three-headed monster down low (Mozgov, Jankunas, Javtokas) puts it all together. Khimki.

Freaknick: Unless Perkovic plays like Pekovic, EWE’s in for a long night. Khimki.

AJ Milano @ Asseco Prokom

Slam: Mo Finley vs. David Logan, round 1: Mo Finely takes the W. AJ Milano.

Freaknick: I’m not yet convinced that Jan Jagla is a complete waste of space down low. At least not at home: Asseco Prokom.

Thursday's Euroleague games.

Lorbek (the white guy in the red and blue) needs to step up.Regal FCB @ Zalgiris

Slam: No JC Navarro. No Gianluca Basile. No problem. Barcelona.

Freaknick: Here’s something you might’ve forgotten: Erazem Lorbek plays in Barcelona now. I know, I know; I almost forgot, too. Jog our memory, Erazem. Barcelona.

Entente Orleanaise @ Partizan

Slam: Partizan finally, finally catches some breaks and comes through with the victory. Partizan.

Freaknick: It’s tough to imagine that this team was a couple days away from starting the season without Bo McCalebb. Partizan.

Efes Pilsen @ Unicaja

Slam: A little Taquan Dean helps solve a lot of problems. Now, they are in rare form. Unicaja.

Freaknick: Despite their 0-5 ACB record and the nasty injury to Printezis, I can’t pick against them at home for a second straight week. Unicaja.

CSKA Moscow @ Maccabi Electra

Slam: Slaughter. Maccabi Electra.

Freaknick: Watching CSKA’s fall from grace is like watching an artistic masterpiece lay out in the rain. Maccabi Electra.

Caja Laboral @ Union Olimpija

Slam: Upset pick of the week as Olimija takes down Caja with some outstanding outside shooting (Walsh and Becirovic). Union Olimpija.

Freaknick: Is there any team in the Euroleague that leans on a single player like Caja does Tiago Splitter? Caja Laboral.

Panathinaikos @ Real Madrid

Slam: Darjus Lavrinovic is hotter than an atomic fireball right now, I wouldn’t pick against him. Real Madrid.

Freaknick: This year, great individual performances by big men have not equaled wins. Sorry Darjus. Spanoulis/Diamantidis>Hansen/Kaukenas. Panathinaikos.