What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas…until I feel like blogging about it

By: Slam

The Summer League in Las Vegas has just ended so let’s take a look at what we learned from this week in the desert.

1. Rodrigue Beaubois is ready for the NBA…

Rodrigue Beaubois (Dallas Mavericks) Stat Line per Game: 17.0 Points, 3.5 Rebounds, 3.8 Assists

Beaubois showed that he can be a devastating offensive force when given room to maneuver. He has a sweet three point stroke that extends beyond the line itself and his quickness and athleticism can be scary when used going to the basket. I nicknamed him the “The Enigma” in my prospect preview because he has the skills to be a great player but he can be a hothead and play very inconsistently at times. This summer he had two games of more than 20 points and two games of less than 10. Beaubois showed that he has the skills and athleticism to play in the NBA next season, so look for him on Dallas’s bench.

2….and so is the Swedish Sensation Jonas Jerebko

Jonas Jerebko (Detroit Pistons) Stat Line per Game: 12.4 Points, 6.2 Rebounds, 1.0 Assists

Jonas Jerebko is the guy at a pickup game that is making all his shots, is always open, is always moving without the ball, is always crashing the basket, and his team always wins. You don’t know what particular skill it is that makes him so effective but you know that he is a basketball player. Jerebko is constantly finding openings in the defense and using his shifty movement to get in the lane and make shots. He is always producing on the court in the Summer League (The Pistons are 4-1) and he will continue to do that next year for the Pistons.

3. We know who Christian Eyenga is now and I can’t wait to see him again in 3 years.

Yes Christian Eyenga is fun to joke about but he did actually come out to the Summer League and play a lot of minutes for the Cavaliers. Continue Reading…

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Vegas Summer League Update (Euro Style)

By: Slam

The biggest NBA Summer League happens in Las Vegas every year with 22 teams competing. The Summer League is a great place to watch current Euroleague players such as Pooh Jeter, Alan Anderson, and Charles Gaines try and make the jump to the NBA. The main purpose for the Summer League though is to see which prospects are ready to play in the NBA regular season. At the midway point (3 games) of the week Slam checks in to see which European prospects are playing well and which ones might be headed back to Europe. Let’s call this game 2 Up and 2 Down.

Rodrigue Beaubois has been one of the most exciting players in Las Vegas

Rodrigue Beaubois has been one of the most exciting players in Las Vegas

2 Up

Rodrigue Beaubois- Dallas Mavericks PPG – 19.3 RPG- 3.7 APG- 4.3

Beaubois has surprised a lot of people with his performance at the Summer League. He is too fast and athletic for almost any guard in Vegas and this has led to a dominating performance. In his second game he broke out with 34 points (a Summer League high) and 8 assists while making 7 three pointers. He is really showing off his offense scoring game while still chipping in some assists here and there. If he can keep this up he may be able to take over Jose Juan Barea’s spot on the Dallas bench as an offensive sparkplug. Whether he plays for Dallas next season or not, Beaubois has shown that he is in a different class of athleticism than any of the other players here.

Jonas Jerebko- Detroit Pistons PPG- 10.0 RPG- 4.7 APG- 0.7

While Jerebko’s numbers don’t jump out at you, his play does. He is playing tough physical defense and the only reason his points per a game number is down is because he was held to just 13 minutes in his last game scoring 2 points. Jerebko’s shooting has been up in down but it hasn’t affected the rest of his game as he has been able to rebound and defend as well as most players in Vegas.  It doesnt help him that the two small forwards drafted ahead of him on the Pistons (Austin Daye and Dajuan Summers) are having two of the best summer league’s of anyone. While his performance hasn’t been as eye-opening as Beaubois, he has shown the skills that can get him on the floor right away in the NBA.

2 Down

Continue Reading…

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Jacko’s Draft Wrap

By: Freaknick

While 60 young men were celebrating the realization of their NBA dreams, the world was mourning the loss of Michael Jackson.  So, to recap the 14 players plucked from European squads on draft night, we will borrow some songs from the greatest entertainer of our generation:

Not even David Stern could rock the stage at MSG like the King.

Ricky Rubio (#5-Timberwolves): “You Are Not Alone”.  Congratulations, Ricky! You’re our starting point guard and the face of the franchise!  But…uh…we’re going to draft three more point guards, just in case.

Brandon Jennings (#10-Bucks): “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” .  Brandon Jennings has been known to stir things up and talk out of turn.  Bucks coach Scott Skiles doesn’t particularly go for that sort of thing.  We may have an 82-round brawl on our hands.

Victor Claver (#22-Trailblazers): “Black or White”.  White men can’t jump.  But don’t tell that to Woody Harrelson. Or Victor Claver. Dude has hops.

Omri Casspi (#23-Kings): “We’re Almost There”. While he may stay overseas another year, he’s very close to contributing to Sacramento’s re-building efforts.

Rodrigue Beaubois (#25-Thunder): “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”. Despite erratic play, poor shot selection and questions about his durability, Beaubois’s sporadic outbursts of athleticism kept him close to the hearts of scouts worldwide.

Christian Eyenga (#30-Cavaliers): “Smooth Criminal”.  Eyenga snuck into the back end of the first round despite an unimpressive body of work, and could be stealing Cleveland’s money.

Sergio Llull (#34-Nuggets): “They Don’t Care About Us”. Unfortunately, the second round is used as a platform for ESPN to repeat everything they said in the first round.  Twice.   Continue Reading…

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Rodrigue Beaubois is a GM’s best worst nightmare

Oh, Rodrigue Beaubois.  How we hate to love you.  We pay him his respects while adding a (very) healthy dose of criticism in Rodrigue’s complete profile (highlight video included!).


PODCAST: Listen to Slam and Freaknick break down the Euro guards in this year’s NBA Draft.

Will he win you as many games as he'll lose?  That's the million Euro question.

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