What a week in EuroLeague: The six-time champions threaten to leave the league, their deadly rivals Olympiacos edged past Real Madrid despite 27 points from Luka Doncic and FC Barcelona hired 68-year old Svetislav Pesic to try and rescue their domestic season.

This week’s pod panel is Rob, Austin and a welcome return for ELA’s Visiting Professor Emeritus Sam Meyerkopf. Sam is on his Euro travels again, and he saw Olympiacos blow out Fenerbahçe in Piraeus, PAOK take on PAO in Thessaloniki and gives us his take on those games, Doncic and what could possibly fix Barcelona.

Here’s the roadmap to this week’s pod if that floats your boat:

  • 00:00 - 24:00 - Olympiacos vs Fenerbahce and Real Madrid
  • 24:00 - 34:50 Luka Doncic - is he feeling the fatigue?
  • 34:50 - 52:00 The insanity of Panathinaikos’ week + is Mike James the right addition?
  • 52:00 - 1:00:08 - Barcelona’s struggles and Pesic’s return

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