Please, sit. Don’t get up.  It’s only the qualifying rounds after all, right?  Just a nice, little relaxed way to ease into the season.  The stars won’t shine, the games won’t be competitive, and the pace will be stagnant at best.

That’s kind of what I thought also, until I witnessed Aaron Pettway go ballistic on the boards for Ventspils, Marc Salyers put up Kobe-like numbers, and saw three of the four games decided by two points or less (including a buzzer beater with .4 seconds left on the clock).  You know what this means?  I’m taking a deep breath two weeks early: AAAAAAHHH! The Euroleague is back!  Stars, stinkers, analysis, picks and we discuss the flawed structure of the qualifying round.  Also, Freaknicks preps for his trip to Denver and Phoenix to watch Partizan in action.  Perhaps a bit rusty, but always fun, THE BOYS ARE BACK.

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Former Ford Trophy Winner Marc Salyers does his thing.