Stat guru extraordinaire and noted German Simon Jatsch of stops by to talk a variety of things from stats to the rise of Thomas Huertel to the success of Zalgiris.  Check out below for a minutes breakdown of the different subjects and when we discussed them in the podcast.

0:00 -  27:00 - Discussion on “Advanced Statistics” and what coaches or teams in Europe may or may not be using.  Simon discusses Expected Win Percentage in-depth and we chat about some teams that might not be matching up with what they are expected to do.

27:00 - 47:00 What’s the Playoff chances for Group F teams and what emerging young players have surprised us this year.  And our take on the Olympiacos signing of Doron Perkins.

47:00 - 56:00 - Discuss Simon’s website and how he tries to simplify and make wonderful looking graphics for advanced statistics.  Also a general chat about PER, good simple advanced statistics like offensive rebound percentage, and why saying “advanced” scares people away from sometimes simple stats.

56:00 - 59:00 - Assisted field goal percentage people, assisted field goal percentage.

59:00 - 1:04:00 - When will the Euroleague start to really use advanced stats.

1:04:00 - 1:11:00 - We play Simon’s “Similarity Score Game” where we guess how similar an older player is to someone this year.  For a Euroleague fan, guessing will be too much fun, go ahead and listen.

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