The more things change, the more things stay the same in Athens, Olympiacos missing their talismanic leader Vassilis Spanoulis have been ticking over nicely behind the front-court combo of Georgios Printezis and Nikola Milutinov.

Much like Olympiacos, ELA is missing its talismanic leader Rob this week, luckily Austin and George have got the high-low combo sorted to analyse all the comings and goings after Euroleague’s first double game week.

  • Intro & Olympiacos 00:00-10:18
  • Bolden & Maccabi 10:18-20:07
  • Barcelona 20:07-30:45
  • New Signings (Wright & Martinez) 30:45-38:35
  • Milano & Outro 38:35-47:50

You can find Rob’s Olympiacos article here, and Austin’s Jonah Bolden breakdown here (for Patreon subscribers).

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