Reason #43: You fell asleep in Geography class

Aahhh yes, Freaknickolas the Fearless!  One of the greats, to be sure.

By: Freaknick

Ferdinand Magellan.  Christopher Columbus. Marco Polo. Vasco de Gama.  Lewis and Clark. Slam and Freaknick.

Heresy.  Blasphemy.  Completely ludicrous, some may say.  Well go ahead.  Have a chuckle.  But before you do, consider the criteria for membership in such a group.

  • Falling ass backwards into a world of mystery and intrigue. CHECK.
  • Utter befuddlement upon arriving at this new, strange place. DEFINITE CHECK.
  • A desperate need for funding (Queen Isabella I: we should really talk about some advertising opportunities). CHECK.
  • Really, really cool names (OK, so “Christopher Columbus” is a little bland, but the man gets points for being such a textbook example of alliteration). CHECK.
  • Fearless individuals who dove blindly into unknown worlds that had, until then, frightened the feeble, cowardly souls who had come before them. UM…

No matter how you look at it, since this site sprouted legs and sprinted slowly to what it’s become today, I have gone to bed each night-or early morning-more enlightened than the time before.  If you gave me an Etch-a-Sketch, I could map out lines from Serbia to Spain to Switzerland to Slovenia, shake it up, strike it out, and do it all over again—blindfolded.  Point being, if the S.S. YOU is anchored to the couch, basketball can be a marvelous way to stimulate the explorer in all of us (OK, that was the cheesiest sentence ever published on Euroleague Adventures).  After a life of geographic ignorance, I can now claim reasonable familiarity with nations I used to only hear about when channel surfing past CNN.  While my goblet of knowledge is still far from full (this comment not limited to geographical mastery), it’s still mildly empowering to close my eyes, point to a country in Europe, open them and name their national team’s starting power forward.  Besides, I bet Magellan can’t hit a midrange jumper.

50 Reasons to Love the Euroleague

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