By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures


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BARCELONA — Eleven men dressed in red and blue knelt to the floor and then rocked onto their backsides, some grabbing a heel, others a toe as they stretched.

But Barcelona’s Juan Carlos Navarro remained standing, his heels and toes right behind the 3-point stripe. Unlike the others, he wore long black pants and a matching long-sleeved shooting shirt, and all it took was a raised eyebrow for the ball boy to get the hint; he fired one out as Juan Carlos stepped into the shot and launched a rotating rainbow.


He rewound his steps then popped the net with another.

A group of 40 or 50 kids sat with their legs crossed on the sideline, cheering louder with each made bucket. A third went in. Cheers. A fourth. Now the little ones got restless, clapping their hands beneath teethy smiles as a few of them leapt to their feet.

A fifth, a sixth, and as the seventh traveled toward the rim, the arena held its breath… Continue Reading.