By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

When I drop that work in the pot it bounce back like elastic; How you do that? I call it dope boy magic.

-Yung Joc

If you heeded my advice last week and dropped Erazem Lorbek, I sure do hope I’m in a league with you. The silky Slovenian ripped it up to the tune of 24 points and a 28 RKG at Unics Kazan, and I feel foolish.

Time to take Joc’s advice, and bounce back.

Pick ‘Em Up

Ty Lawson, PG, Zalgiris
Price: 41.3   Average RKG: 10.3

With Twittergate and two head coaches in his rearview, Ty Lawson came out swinging in O.A.K.A last week and gave Panathinaikos fits. Even better for Zalgiris, he had four assists. That brings his season total to…four. Gotta start somewhere.

Emir Preldzic, SG/SF, Fenerbahçe Ülker
Price: 40.9   Average RKG: 10.2

After racking up 19 assists in the last two weeks (12 vs. SLUC Nancy), now he’ll need to up that scoring just a tad. He has no problem getting to the rim and getting his shots up over puny little point guards, so I expect it’ll come slowly, naturally. But mark my words: come, it shall.

Marcus Slaughter, PF/C, Brose Baskets
Price: 56.4   Average RKG: 15.4

An absolute monster who happened to have an awful week two. Pick him up and let him carry you to the finish line. Or face a fate similar to Unicaja seven footer, Nedzad Sinanovic.

Cut ‘Em Loose

Sergio Llull, PG, Real Madrid
Price: 44.2   Average RKG: 4.9

Sergio Llull for 52? Shit yeah, I’ll take him. I was that guy last week and he submarined my squad with a -4 RKG before losing me eight credits. Pablo Laso doesn’t trust him to run the point—a judgment that’s not entirely off base—and his stats are suffering. Cut him loose and cut your losses.

Tarence Kinsey, SG/SF, Anadolu Efes (Injured)
Price: 77.7   Average RKG: 19.4

Is it cheap to put an injured dude in this Cut ‘Em Loose slot? Probably. But if you didn’t already know he was doubtful for Efes’ game against Maccabi, you’re welcome. The point is, look at the silver lining here: you’ve got damn near 80 credits to play with. Sell him for Jordan Farmar and use those 17 extra credits to upgrade at another position.

Ante Tomic, PF/C, Real Madrid
Price:  41.3   Average RKG: 7.0

When Madrid signed Serge Ibaka, I wondered why Pablo Laso would voluntarily crowd such a talented frontcourt with a guy who might end up being a two0month rental. Oh, it’s because you don’t trust Tomic to defend anyone, ever? Yup. Got it.

Ride ‘Em Out

Aaron Jackson, PG, Bizkaia Bilbao
Price: 51.7   Average RKG: 10.1

The dreaded rankless week nipped in the ass last time around as he took only one shot in a loss at Cantu, but few people get up for home games quite like @AaronFingJ.

Sasha Vujacic, SG/SF, Anadolu Efes
Price: 48.2   Average RKG: 9.2

As a proud frustrated Vujacic owner all season, maybe putting pen to paper is my way of reassuring myself. But consider this: he’s shooting 10-of-39 on the season (26%) and still putting up 12.7 ppg. With Kinsey out, more possessions could end in his hands and if he can just bring that shooting mark just south of respectability then he could be in for a 20-point night.

That sounded desperate.

Richard Hendrix, PF/C, Maccabi Tel Aviv
Price: 35.9   Average RKG: 9.0

David Blatt appreciates solid minutes, and that’s all Rick’s been good for this year. He’s not blowing anyone away, but with a fat chunk of PT he just might.

Maybe Next Week

Anton Gavel, PG, Brose Baskets

Chuck Eidson, SG/SF, Barcelona

Boniface N’Dong, PF/C, Barcelona


My Drops: Jerel Blassingame (Hallelujah!), Sergio Llull (Thnks fr th mmrs), Akin Akingnbala

The squad, with acquisitions asterisked. (They have the * thingy next to them.)

*Acie Law, Partizan: Last week I said Maybe Next Week. Well, now next week is this week and I need Acie to have a big week.

*Milos Teodosic, CSKA Moscow: He’s going against Panathinaikos. At Panathinaikos. Against Dimitris Diamantidis. Why in the world would I spring for someone like this? Call it a hunch.

Sasha Vujacic, Anadolu Efes: Come on, Sasha.

Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Zalgiris: I’m confident he’ll produce with some court time. Now if we could just find him some…

Tremmell Darden, Unicaja: He plays big minutes, makes good decisions (mostly) and Gerald Fitch and/or Earl Rowland might be out this week. I’m thinking he’s due for an 18 spot.

Andrei Kirlenko, CSKA Moscow: Let’s see what he can do when he actually has to try.

Luka Zoric, Unicaja: It ain’t pretty, but the results are beautiful.

Georgios Printezis, Olympiacos: I’m afraid he’s a guy that only produces at home. I guess we’ll find out.

*Robert Rothbart, Union Olimpija: He is Robert Rothbart. Hear him roar.