Taquan Dean: On Pressure

10/29/09 – On Pressure.

Sorry I haven’t updated you guys as quickly as I was before but I had to go into spiritual mode and lock into the Bible. Yes, I said Bible. No matter how hard you work, and how many hours you spend in the gym, if your spirit is not uplifted then you won’t be able be your true self. So this week consisted of no TV, the computer, and the Bible. I got to a point where I was at ease and ready to go.

In the last week our team had gone 0-4 in the ACB (The Spanish League). It’s easy to make an excuse that I’ve been hurt and it’s not my fault the team is losing, but in reality the pressure is on me, or so the newspapers say. Here’s where I want to explain how I view pressure in basketball and why I don’t believe in it.

"Folding is not an option."At the age of 6 I watched my mother die right in front me. Started off with me being a pain asking for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while my mother was trying to rest because she didn’t feel too well. 5 minutes went by and no peanut butter and jelly, and I come running into the room and jump on the bed and got no answer. Shake after shake and call after call, I would never hear my mother’s voice again.

My sister and I then moved in with my grandparents which was great because they loved us to death. One day, I come running home from school but my cousin stops me and tells me that I can’t go home. Confused and angry, I run home anyway and on arrival I see a body bag being carried out of the house. That’s 2 loved ones down. My mother and now my grandmother. At this point life couldn’t get any worse.My grandfather tried to hold on as long as he could, but I believe after losing his daughter and his wife life just wasn’t worth living so he drank until his liver gave out.

So now we are talking about pressure here. Now for 1 second do you believe that I feel pressure? My life has been nothing but pressure but folding has never been an option. I work so hard because I’m forever trying to make those who died proud of me. I’m giving you readers an insight into who I really am and hopefully motivation to keep pushing when life gets tough. I’m a living example that there is a God, and that you can make it through anything. I had to write this because I see so many people down and out and I want them to see that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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