By: Freaknick/@euro_adventures

Oh yes we did. From potential All-Euroleaguers to guys who might get loaned out before I finish typing this sentence, we’ve taken all 110 signings and put them in a subjectively determined order. Remember: Team need, individual abilities, and my own personal grudges will be taken into account somewhat equally. Over the last three days I’ve added nearly 40 acquisitions I missed while covering the World Championships. For full descriptions and extended outlooks on these players, click on the links below:

Tuesday: Euroleague free agency waits for no man.

Wednesday: From Pargo to Playboy, ELA sizes up 14 more free agent signings.

Thursday: Suarez still in Madrid, only Realer. Plus a dozen other EL pick-ups.

So come on people. There are 100 players down below. If you can’t find at least one ranking you disagree with, I’ll be heavily disappointed. Still can’t find one? OK, let’s do this. Go pick a random player. Got it? Good. Now find the player three spots above and then three spots below. Would you have those three in the same order? If not, then you’ve got yourself a valid comment. Looking forward to the scathing feedback.

RankPlayerTeamHe's here because...Last Line Up
1Aleks MaricPanathinaikosPAO is back on the map as championship contenders with a busy offseason. Last offseason's lull hurt them in the EL.1
2Terrell McIntyreUnicajaI think T-Mac has enough in the tank for one more dazzling season. He'll have new life in Malaga.2
3Bo McCalebbMontepaschiHe is the human green light. Just go. Passes Sato due to positional importance.4
4Romain SatoPanathinaikosHe's rated fourth, but he might fill a need more than any signing on the list.3
5Vassilis SpanoulisOlympiacosIf they're not going to sign a forward that can make some plays, his penetration becomes much more important.5
6Marko TomasFenerbahçeF**k Jacob & Edward. I'm #TeamMarko.6
7David LoganCaja LaboralAdd Pops to a team that was built to run in the first place.7
8Oleksiy PecherovAJ MilanoI think he'll be Milano's best player and one of the EL's top 5 bigs.-
9Ali TraoreLottomatica RomaIt's nice to have a big man to run your offense through. They need to put shooters around him.8
10Lawrence RobertsEfes PilsenWe know what he can do with ample PT.11
11Malik HairstonMontepaschiA very symmetrical replacement for Romain Sato.13
12D'Or FischerReal MadridThis team is dying to be exciting. With enough talent, maybe Messina will let Llull/Rodriguez/D'Or do their thing.9
13Omar CookValenciaIt remains to be seen how de Colo will adjust to off-ball scenarios.15
14Jeremy PargoMaccabi ElectraHe and Perkins will be the toughest cover in the EL for opposing guards who fear contact.-
15Sergio RodriguezReal MadridHe'll love throwing it up to Fischer. Lavrinovic/Reyes not exactly "flyers" for 09-10 squad.18
16Jamont GordonCSKA MoscowA jampacked backcourt is much more open with Ponkrashov and Planinic leaving town.23
17Brad NewleyLietuvos RytasI's been harder to dislodge Newley from this spot than almost anyone else on the board. He looks good in the top ten.10
18Nathan JawaiPartizanNathan hungry. Nathan want ball. Nathan want dunk ball.-
19Uros TripkovicUnicajaHe will lead the EL in 3-pointers. You heard it here first.22
20Marcus HaislipCaja LaboralThe extended 3-point line could be the best or worst thing for his game. Pack it in, Marcus.-
21Marko KeseljOlympiacosI cannot overestimate how much he impressed me in Turkey.-
22Nemanja BjelicaCaja LaboralWith a finished roster, Bjelica looks like a solid sub, possible starter at SF.25
23Sofoklis SchortsanitisMaccabiHow much will Blatt play him?32
24Paulius JankunasZalgirisNot that Mario Delas would directly rob minutes from him, but now Jankunas will have even more time to regain his 08-09 form.19
25Bobby BrownAsseco ProkomHe just might match the scoring Prokom lost with David Logan.-
26Lior EliyahuMaccabi ElectraBack where he belongs.-
27Andrew WisniewskiEfes PilsenDroping because of the wealth of talent in front of him, not personal issues. Efes needs to give him the reigns.14
28Richard HendrixMaccabiSofo's a nice to guy to have in your frontcourt. He softens the defense up so you can come in and clean up.16
29Matt NielsenOlympiacosDamnit, Matt. Why'd you have to go to Olympiacos? Just doesn't spice up that slow frontcourt.21
30Dusko SavanovicValenciaValencia has done a beautiful job building a big man by committee.28
31Carlos SuarezReal MadridIf he rots on the bench I'll be sick to my stomach. I can't imagine he will-
32Jamon LucasOlympiacosAn upgrade over Scoonie Penn (no disrespect, ScoonDog).-
33Ibrahim JaaberAJ MilanoNow he understands what works in Europe vs. what does not. Dangerous.24
34Rimantas KaukenasMontepaschiThe Hairston signing takes SO much pressure off of the 33-year-old.27
35Pietro AradoriMontepaschiMight be in the EL's top 10 scoring leaders in the next three years.29
36Sergey BykovCSKAI really need to see how the CSKA backcourt shakes out before I rank him appropriately.44
37James AugustineValenciaHe can play halfcourt or uptempo, which may change game-to-game based on Valencia's match-ups.26
38DeMarcus NelsonCholetYou know I had to put the DeMarcus the Blue Devil over Reyshawn's sky blue ass, right?-
39Reyshawn TerryBambergIt still pains me to put a Tarheel in the top 40. Just doing my job.-
40Kaya PekerFenerbahçeIt's tough for me to put Kaya this low after his workmanlike consistency throughout his career.30
41Tomas DelininkaitisZalgirisBronze medalist. Golden shooting touch.-
42Jeremy RichardsonValenciaJeremy knows how to stroke it, too.-
43Robertas JavtokasValenciaHuge slip here. I saw how hurt he really is in Turkey. Only good for stretches. A real shame.17
44Mike WilksAsseco ProkomI don't know why he's this low. He'll probably be on my fantasy team.-
45Damir MarkotaUnion OlimpijaStill 24 despite making his rounds in Europe and the NBA.-
46Charles SmithLottomatica RomaHe's forgotten more about scoring than I'll ever know.-
47Cenk AkyolEfes PilsenI like ol' Cenk a lot. He could definitely outperform this ranking.43
48Rasho NesterovicOlympiacosNot the gamechanger they needed down low.34
49Omar SamhanZalgiris49 seems awfully low, doesn't it? But think about it. 22 teams (soon to be 24) means a lot of signings.48
50David HawkinsAJ MilanoFinley/Jaaber/Hawkins figures to be weekly entertainment in Milano.31
51Kosta PerovicBarcelonaHe'd be an outstanding pickup for anyone else. For Barca he's just another guy.35
52Kenny GregoryUnion OlimpijaHello, Kenneth. Welcome to Ljubljana.-
53Kyle HinesBambergRebounds and defense never hurt anyone.46
54Vladimir DasicLottomatica RomaWhere's Hermione Granger to cast her improvement spell?-
55Mindaugas KuzminskasZalgirisThe extra dose of talent and versatility that Zalgiris needs.41
56DeJuan CollinsZalgirisHe'll be more valuable to this team than we know yet. Great ice to Mantas' fire.-
57Miroslav RaduljicaEfes PilsenInjuries drop him low.33
58Dejan MusliCaja LaboralWill he get a chance? Given Caja's thin frontcourt, he should. 20 minutes per game will bump him up the list.-
59Kostas KaimakoglouPanathinaikosI've moved Kostas more than anyone on this list. This week he jumped up. Lucky him.38
60Elishay KadirMaccabiAlways important to lock up homegrown talent.39
61Giorgi ShermadiniUnion OlimpijaGreat to see him leave Panathinaikos for a year and spread those long, skinny wings.-
62Kevin PinkneyUnion OlimpijaToughness is a good thing.-
63Clay TuckerReal MadridShould see plenty of good looks with Rodriguez/Prigioni runnin' thangs.47
64Vule AvdalovicCholetA solid veteran point guard to help Fabien Causeur grow.-
65Mario DelasCibonaAt least CIbona is giving themselves a chance to surprise people.50
66Darjus LavrinovicFenerbahçeI have an incurable dislike for his game.36
67Jaka KlobucarPartizanWith Bojan Popovic leaving town, will he start at PG? Wild.55
68Ian VougioukasPanathinaikosA nice backup to the back up down low.45
69Marcus JohnsonCibonaNot sure why Johnson got the call over other capable NCAA swingmen. We shall see.-
70Luc-Arthur VebobeCholetMay end up on my All-Beastly team.40
71Milovan RakovicMontepaschiDoes the EL test for steroids?42
72Pablo AguilarReal MadridNot sure what his status is with Madrid right now.56
73Jerry JohnsonLietuvos RytasNice piece. Can do a lot of things without hurting the team.51
74Goran JagodnikUnion OlimpijaSuper veteran presence for Jure Zdovc's squad.-
75Mamoutou DiarraCholetHe should be a captain of sorts. Older, French, and still a quality hooper.-
76Engin AtsurFenerbahçeA ruptured achilles and he's out four months. Devastating blow for a guy I was expecting to blow up.49
77Erwin DudleyEfes PilsenEfes Pilsen should never let a rebound touch the ground ever. Great offseason.53
78Jure LalicCibonaAnother dude on Cibona. Nothing to write home about from Zagreb.54
79Arvydas SiskniusLietuvos RytasSmooth offensive player who plays hard.52
80Sasu SalinUnion OlimpijaI want to see him get playing time.-
81Iwo KitzingerAsseco ProkomThe best of Prokom's late season bulk add 95 players).-
82Dovydas RedikasLietuvos RytasWIll be a starter in two years.-
83Tal BursteinMaccabiIt must seem like I'm hating on the veterans pretty hard. Sorry.57
84Bogdan BogdanovicPartizanNo idea how Partizan expects to do it again this year. Bo McCalebb not walking through that hard.-
85Courtney EldridgeAsseco ProkomYet another American guard in the AP backcourt.-
86Dragan MilosavljevicPartizanIf it's not Klobucar who steps up on the wing, it better be Dragan.61
87Dawis PrzybyszewskiAsseco close your eyes and try to spell his name.-
88Rasko KaticPartizanLord have mercy on the man who's expected to fill in for 7'6" behemoth Slavko Vranes.67
89Nicolo MelliAJ MilanoThis signing will look terrific in two years. Wait on it.62
90Nihad DjedovicLottomatica RomaRoma's wing is wide open. Nihad could be a guy to watch if nobody steps up behind Charles Smith.-
91Zydrunas KelysLietuvos RytasSpeedster. Vroom vroom.60
92Suad SehovicUnion OlimpijaBosnian NT member. I like signing guys who played this summer. He'll be ready to go.-
93Pawel KowalczukAsseco ProkomGet 'em Pawel.-
94Andrea MicheloriMontepaschiPart of a bulk signing to make MPS feel good about their interior D.63
95Romain DuportCholetHe'll block some shots. So that's cool.58
96Marc FernandezValenciaMight watch a playoff run from the bench.-
97Djordje DrenovacLottomatica RomaAveraging 9 per game as a 17-year-old is impressive, even in Austria. Watch his career take off the next few years.-
98Jeff FooteMaccabiUntil they sign someone else down low (they have to) I'll keep him slightly higher. Congrats, Jeff.59
99Robert WitkaAsseco ProkomHe's no Qyntel Woods.-
100Gabriele GanetoAJ Milano11 and 5 in the Italian Second Division's all I have to go on. So...yeah.65
101Andrea IannilliLottomatica RomaHe'll contribute, which is more than I can say about some of the guys below him.64
102Giedrius StaniulisLietuvos RytasHe and Valanciunas should have some fun practices.66
103Eimantas BendziusLietuvos RytasWell Rytas certainly has options on the perimeter. Good ones? Not sure yet.69
104Meredis HoumounouCholetHe doesn't need to buy a vowel.70
105Drago PasalicCibonaThinking of donating the contents of my piggy bank to CIbona.71
106Sebastian BalcerzakAsseco ProkomIt seems like Asseco owns every tenth signing on this list.-
107Paulius DambrauskasLietuvos RytasCouldn't let him rot at the bottom of the list forever.72
108Dimitris KatsivelisOlympiacosWhile some of the guys around him on the list might get some PT, he'll likely be loaned out.73
109Cemal NalgaLietuvos RytasIs Rytas going to have enough jerseys to go around?68
110Gustavo BarreraUnicajaHad to give someone else a shot in the cellar.74