Fuenlabrada’s had an odd ride this season.  They didn’t have a sponsor to start the year, which meant empty jersey fronts, and less than a year after losing Bismack Biyombo to the Charlotte Bobcats, their MVP candidate Gustavo Ayon jumped to New Orleans (where they’re both starting and registered double-doubles last night, by the way).

But they reconfigured their roster and willed their way to the Copa del Rey. They stuck with Madrid for most of three quarters and only in the fourth did Real Madrid pull away for a 75-66 victory.

We talked to Fuenlabrada’s sharpshooting Kiwi Kirk Penney after the game and asked him how the team has powered through the rough patches to make it to the ACB’s most badass weekend.

We also asked him to do the Haka.  Limited, if not no dice.