Freaknick and Ke$ha sort through all of the T16 action to bring you that funky fresh Euroleague flow (lyrics provided). Remember you can subscribe on iTunes for FREE and check out the rest of Freaknick’s raps right here.

And now, click ‘PLAY’ and follow along below…

Wake up in the morning get the coffee pot drippin’
Slam and Freaknick the hottest thing in hoops since Jordan and Pippen
So I fry me some eggs then get my Mac and sit at my desk
Then peep that new EL Adventures shawty, OH. SO. FRESH.

I’m talking Zalgiris got murdered
An MVP for Robertas
(Does he get a trophy?) He sure does (Woah, that’s f***in’ awesome!)

Jan Vesely’s screaming “Yawl can’t stop me!”
Siena boys beat Maccabi
Cibona was a little bit sloppy

Shots drop for Ramunas when his hand is feelin’ hot
Eyes locked on the target, automatic robot
Now Pops on the block and he makes them rims rock there he
Go oh a oh oh. Go oh a oh oh oh

Efes thought Bojan Pop would lead the Beermen to the top
Scored a lot, boy stop! I’m just playin’ he’s a flop
Rakocevic and Boki Nachbar they sat on the bench and watched like
No oh a oh oh. No oh a oh oh oh.

Now let me tell you kids a story ‘bout a boy named Fernand
For Caja Laboral he sizzled like a Jersey Shore tan
But here’s the situation, recognize J-Chil’s no rookie
He cocked back for the dunk and punched ‘em in the face like Snookie

Errybody lace their sneaks up
‘Cuz ya know ya boy stay geeked up
So errybody turn that Freak up.

Real talk man none of yawl boys can beat us
Barcelona flow undefeated
Lyrics tasty like a meatlover’s pizza
Chocolate peanut butter yummy like Reese’s