By: Freaknick/@euro_adventures

Most college ballers don those college unis hoping their next will have the name of an NBA team plastered across the front. The reality is they’ll likely play for Cholet before Charlotte, Aris before Atlanta, or Moscow before Miwaukee. With around 1,000 former collegiate players making money in European leagues this season, the old continent has become one of the world’s leading employers of vocational basketball specialists.

What better way to screen Europe’s potential employees than to invite them into our living rooms for a 25-hour long interview? The first game starts at midnight EST (6:00 CET) and runs for 25 hours, featuring 21 games (one women’s game: #1 UConn vs. #2 Baylor…a dandy indeed) including 17 ranked teams on either ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPN3. I’ll be staying up for every jumper, every charge and every technical as the NCAA season gets cranking. Go polish your finest coffee pots and fluff your comfiest pillow. It’s going to be a long couple of nights.

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First game: Miami at #19 Memphis