By: Sam Meyerkopf / @Euro_Adventures

According to Nenad Krstic has signed on to play with CSKA Moscow next season. Is this the 1st preemptive lockout move?  I’m sure the idea was lurking around Nenad’s head somewhere.  With the NBA season up in the air next year, Krstic decided to take the guaranteed cash and help CSKA Moscow bounce back from a Euroleague season where they didn’t even advance to the Top 16.  With a diminished role after being traded to Boston mid-season, Krstic must have felt like he would rather get meaningful minutes in Europe than have to fight for time in the Celtic’s front court.  With the labor situation up in the air and Krstic being a borderline starter, this seems like a well thought out move for the 27 year old Serb.

With Krstic on board it really vamps up the Moscow frontcourt and gives them a great post scoring option.  Both Sasha Kaun and Victor Kryhapa are excellent defensive options, but streaky offensive options.   Kryhapa likes to play on the perimeter and the paint, while Kaun is more of banger.  Both styles will blend well with Nenad. Krstic is able to provide a feathery jumper plus veteran leadership and can let them handle the dirty work on the rebounding/defensive end.  This really gives CSKA one of the best big man rotations in Europe and will provide depth if they ever have to deal with the barrage of injuries they encountered last year.  This is only a 2-year deal, so it still leaves the door open for a Krstic return to the NBA, but I doubt that happens.  Moving back home to Europe and settling in with a Euroleague contender seems like a destination move for Nenad, not a temporary one.  Battling many knee injuries over his career, Krstic may only have a few more solid years left on his legs.  He must of figured he’d try and make a run at a Euroleague championship trophy before its too late.

A return to Europe also means we get to relive Freaknick’s internationally acclaimed rhymes about the wild, chair throwing side of Nenad.