So we were going to take the morning bus from Barcelona to Madrid, cruising into the city at a decent hour in the afternoon with plenty of time to catch the Anadolu Efes game.

But then we thought: how could we have even plentier of time? Night bus.

After seven or eight hours cooped up in a cramped, steamy motor vehicle, we arrived safely in the Spanish capital. Here’s our intended itinerary:

Thursday at 20:45 CET: Real Madrid vs. Anadolu Efes (Euroleague)

Saturday at 18:00: Fuenlabrada vs.  Gran Canaria (ACB)

Sunday at 12:00: Real Madrid vs. Lagun Aro (ACB)

Sunday at 18:00 - Estudiantes vs. Caja Laboral (ACB)

No media credentials for the Euroleague game tonight, but we did score some complementary tickets. If we can tweet from the Crackberry, we’ll do so.

And of course, if you’re in Madrid…holler at us.

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