By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

Not easy, indeed. The basketball itself, as the former All-Euroleaguer now knows, is no cake walk to start. (Contrary to the belief of many US sports fans, these men are trained professionals and not Division III intramural squads.) And in the case of many athletes—Childress claims he was never one of them—receiving their paychecks on time or even at all sometimes poses an additional challenge.

But in the event of a missed pay stub, you can always count on coins flying at you from the bleachers of Greek arenas, accompanied by batteries and even M-80s. It doesn’t sound like Josh misses those little extras, but he does say that his two years Olympiacos were some of the best of his life. He also says however that, lockout or not, he’ll be staying state side finishing up his degree, which is honorable enough.

If you change your mind, we’d be happy to have you back brother. Take it away, Jimbo.

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