By: Slam

Let’s take a look at the 5 best NBA Players that could possibly go over and play in the Euroleague next year:

Will an NBA team want him? Or is Europe his only Option?

Will an NBA team want him? Or is Europe his only Option?

1.  Allen Iverson

Yes, the NBA icon Allen Iverson could be looking to play overseas next season.  It sounds like Detroit doesn’t want him back and there are very few teams in the league he could fit into.  He still has  a lot of talent and quickness but he is starting to age pretty fast.  Iverson would still be an instant stud in the Euroleague as his talent would be superior to anyone out there.  Iverson is 34 and his body has taken a beating over the years but I’d still expect a big name team such as Maccabi Tel Aviv or CSKA Moscow to make a run at him.

Artest will have to shape up his behavior if he wants to play abroad

Artest will have to shape up his behavior if he wants to play abroad

2. Ron Artest

Another NBA star could be making his presence felt in Europe.  Artest would be an undersized power forward in Europe who would be stronger than almost any player in the league.  He could dominate with a devastating ability to get to the basket because very few defenders could handle him once he gets in the lane.  Artest still has a good amount of basketball in him, but Euroleague teams might be scared of his behavior in the past.  Look for a team that isn’t quite good enough to be among the elite Euroleague teams but still has money, like Efes Pilsen, AJ Milano, and the always willing to spend Olympiacos, to try and aquire him.

Linas could make a lot of money in Europe

Linas could make a lot of money in Europe

3. Linas Kleiza

Kleiza is a Lithuanian product who has been playing his NBA ball with the Denver Nuggets.  He was a key cog in getting the Nuggets to the Western Conference Finals.  He is a very long small forward with a deadly outside shooting touch.  He can play both forward positions which will make some NBA teams covet him this off season. Kleiza though could be a monster in the Euroleague with his ability to shoot outside and drive to the basket, his offensive talent would be hard to match.  Most all Euroleague teams would be excited about the prospect of adding Kleiza as he is entering his prime.   There always is a chance he wants to go home and play for Zalgiris too.

Parker has been to Europe before and been dominant

Parker has been dominant in Europe before

4. Anthony Parker

The reuion tour could happen this season for Anthony Parker.  The possibility of him coming back to the Euroleague at the age of 34 is likely, as his NBA career is winding down.  He is a former star and MVP of the league less than five years ago for Maccabi Tel Aviv.  Parker would not be the dominant scorer he once was but he still has a very reliable jumper and would instantly be one of the better defenders around.  I only expect Parker, a seasoned Euroleague veteran, to go back over to Europe if a contending team like Olympiacos, Real Madrid, or Maccabi Tel Aviv wants him.

Novak could be a real contributer in Europe

Novak could be a real contributor in Europe

5. Steve Novak

Novak is still young at 26 and has been playing sparingly in the NBA for the past three years.  Novak could stand to make a big pay increase if he came over to Europe as he would go from an end of the bench player to a starter.  His game is suited very nicely for Europe as he is not strong but is very long at 6’11” and has a very good three point range.  In Europe he could play a Mirza Teletovic role as a shooting big man on a contending team.  Novak is young and has a game suited for Europe so I could see a number of teams seeking his services.  The best bets might be new teams to the Euroleague this year such as Lietuvos Rytas or Khimki Moscow looking to build a young core of players.