With the qualifying round over and done with, the 24-team field is set for the tenth “official” season of the Euroleague.  Despite losses in their final games, both Maroussi BC and Entente Orleanaise will advance to group play to try their luck against the best teams in Europe.  Meanwhile, Slam and Freaknick think the Euroleague missed a chance to distinguish themselves from other European sports by bucking tradition, spicing things up, and adding a third, deciding game to the mix.  Then of course, it’s on to the main event: Baby Shaq, J-Chil and Olympiacos vs. Old Shaq and the LeBrons in Cleveland.  It’s sure to be a doozy, and the guys tell you who they expect to shine, who they would want on the floor with 2 minutes remaining, and are they crazy enough to think Coach Giannakis’ bunch can go back to Piraeus with a win?

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Slam and Freaknick are going to be J-Chillin' with the LeBrons