Freaknick in SLAM: From NBA Pine to Euroleague Shine

Josh McRoberts headlines a group of guys that might have more success in Europe.

By: Freaknick

Last week, I took a look at nine guys whose role-playing in the states might translate to stardom in Europe. I give the cases for ten more in this piece about benchwarmers who could run amok overseas. You might recognize some of the  names: Josh McRoberts, Ike Diogu, Steve Novak, Adam Morrison, and I even tell Sergio “Spanish Chocolate” Rodriguez to get his ass back home when free agency hits. You can read the full article here, plus I’ve added a little excerpt below:

To play in the NBA is to pray for circumstance, and the smart ones use the small windows of opportunity to land big contracts. Borne either of a glaring team need (looking at you, Matt Carroll) or reckless management (you too, Jerome James), this misappropriation of funds only befalls a lucky few. Fortunately, there is a place that offers the League’s journeymen sanctuary and playing time: Europe. Whereas last week’s batch might abandon decent NBA minutes for European stardom, the folks below would trade in their spots on the end of the bench for something more meaningful: a return to basketball relevance. Read the entire article.

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