Sergio isn’t exactly an uncommon name here in Spain. To be more specific, it’s the 12th most popular name among Spanish niños if is to be trusted.

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Still, there’s something Aww shucks! charming about Sergio Rodriguez and Sergio Llull sharing the court together. They take the adorableness to the next level when they pair up and hand out goodies to their mates, and that’s what happened Wednesday night in an 83-65 home win over Bilbao. Two Sergios, thirteen assists.

Their double-digit home was consistent with the night’s theme, unfortunately. Yet in the absence of closeness, we still found 24 minutes’ worth of stuff to toss around.

Such as: is Vassilis Spanoulis surging to the head of the MVP race? What is Madrid’s most potent offensive line-up? Is there any silver lining in Milano’s ugly 59-44 loss in Kazan? Why isn’t Anadolu Efes leaning more on Tarence Kinsey?

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