Jonas, Jan, Bismack and Donatas all purchased their lottery tickets, but will their numbers be called this Thursday night? Slam and Freaknick go through the first 14 picks and decide who’ll play for whom? Take a listen.

Questions we’ll try to answer:

  • Who will be the first Euro off the board?
  • Does the Cavs’ answer lie with Enes Kanter or Jonas Valanciunas?
  • Can Jimmer exist without the rock in his hands? Or will Tyreke have to shoulder him out in Sacto?
  • Kyrie or Derrick? Brandon or Kemba?
  • Why does every power forward in the world want to convince folks they can play out of position? Derrick Williams and the Morris Twins get a stern talkin’ to.
  • Is Donte Greene the world’s most awesome father? (Yes.)
  • Who will Mark Jackson tab as his first draftee in Golden State?

And as always, we’ve got asides aplenty. It’s a long one, people.