Fourteen picks are in the books and we’re just getting started. Some questions to consider as you embark on this oracular marathon:

  • Alec Burks is off the board, but are Klay Thompson and Marshon Brooks better scorers?
  • Would Kenneth Faried be nearly as cool without the hair? Of course not. What the hell kind of question is that? Hide the shears.
  • Are Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith overrated due to their Duke-ness? Or is it exactly the opposite?
  • Can Oklahoma City afford to draft-and-stash?
  • He’s played in high school, Israel, and Asia. But can Jeremy Tyler overcome a series of immature decisions?
  • With Brandon Jennings trimmed down, does Norris Cole become the default Hi-Top Fade Heavyweight Champ?
  • Will Tobias Harris ever break down in tears and admit he should’ve gone to Syracuse over Tennessee?
  • Is Nikola Mirotic worth the wait? And is Nikola Vucevic better?
  • Will Davis Bertans ride some late hype into the back of the first round?
  • But obviously, it’s all about the Bojan Watch.

Hmm…interesting talking points, wouldn’t you say? Yes. Yes, you would say. But stop saying because it’s listening time. And the comment section isn’t just there because it looks pretty. Make it rain.