With eight minutes left in the third quarter, Elan Chalon’s Shelden Williams swung his elbows across his chest to clear out after a rebound.  Unicaja’s Zoran Dragic stuck his nose in and took one on the sniffer.  Shelden was called for a fourth personal foul and then, to make matters worse, a technical foul after he reacted appropriately to the referee’s terrible call.

But in the Euroleague, technical fouls count as personals. Shelden Williams, Elan Chalon’s starting center and best player, was gone for the rest of the night.

We talk about Unicaja’s win over Elan Chalon, ask if technical fouls should be counted as personals, or if fouling out should be eliminated entirely.

What do you think the Euroleague should do about technical fouls?

Should the Euroleague count technical fouls as personals?

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