Jordi Bertomeu draws ‘em up, Slam and Freaknick knock ‘em down

“Let’s give a warm welcome to the FOUNDATION of THE new EUROLEAGUE.”

This was the triumphant declaration of Euroleague CEO Jordi Betromeu as he unveiled the draw for a 2009-10 Euroleague that in his words will have more “organisational structure that responds to the property of the competition, where Clubs and Leagues find the balance in their relationship.” (Click here to read speech in its entirety)

Well, here she is:

Who has the toughest road to the Top 16?  Who's walkin' on sunshine? What are the biggest storylines?

Over the next four days, Slam will offer you his predictions for each pool, including: Winner, Loser, Biggest Surprise, Best Player, Best Young Star.

Then, Freaknick sweeps up the leftovers by looking ahead to some of the biggest storylines in each pool.  And of course, we want to hear what the rest of the world has to say, so keep those comments coming.  It should be fun.