During the Summer Sam, Simon, and Rob all traveled around to games. Sam went to Las Vegas to watch future European players play in Summer League and to find out more information on the players from a European perspective. Rob and Simon both went to Eurobasket qualifying games in England and Germany. Listen for stories on the events, information learned from talking to coaches, scouts, and GM’s, and thoughts on International competition.


00:00-07:30: Basketball Offseason Transfer Market vs. Basketball Season Games

07:30-27:00: Sam’s travels to the Las Vegas Summer League - An International Event

27:00-36:00: Rob’s travels to England Eurobasket Qualifiers - Is the team died?

36:00-43:00: Iceland: The Smallest, Coolest Team in Europe

43:00-52:00: Simon’s travels to the Germany Eurobasket Qualifiers - Who is the future core of the team?

52:00-01:09:00: National Team Talk and How to make the Basketball World Cup better

01:09:00-01:11:00: Dennis Schroeder Soapbox

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