Sheridan Hoops: Valanciunas or Mirotic? Western Conference Eurostash Rankings

By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

When it comes to finding NBA talent in Europe, the Eastern Conference is admittedly a step or two behind the West.  General managers such as San Antonio’s R.C. Buford and Houston’s Daryl Morey have a knack for squeezing value out of overseas talent they’ve either drafted or acquired for picks and cash.

Now the East is making a comeback, hitching their wagon to quality instead of quantity. So while the Spurs and Rockets’ combined 12 rights-held players are more than half of the East’s total yield, today’s list has a better chance of producing an All-Star than the one published on this site yesterday.

Here are the top 10 Eurostash players whose rights are held by Eastern Conference teams.