By: Freaknick

Besides Tonya Harding, there may be no Olympian who gets less respect than our boy Walter Herrmann.  The Argentinian gold medalist has endured spotty NBA minutes and heckling from American fans who kindly point out that he slightly resembles a woman, but now he will have the last laugh.  Tau Ceramica announced today that they will enlist the services of Herrmann and his flowing, blonde locks for the 2010 season.  So I rummaged through all of my favorite Herrman home videos and compiled my ode to Walter (and yes, in one of them he dunks naked-ish).  The top 5:

5.  What do you when you spend 1,939 of a possible 7,296 (73.42%) minutes on an NBA bench?  You become far too skilled at super awesome things like this.

4.  The plan was flawless.  All he needed was the perfect ricochet, and his name would forever be etched in basketball lore.  The only problem?  Kendrick Perkins’ fat ass.

3.  Here, he gets drilled…oh wait…damn…you mean, this isn’t Walter Herrmann?  Oops.  Well, while we’re all here , here’s Fabio’s face’s ass getting kicked by a goose on a rollercoaster.

2.  Reason #1,604 that Walter Herrmann is more of a badass than you: he can palm a ball…without even using his palm.

1.  I consider it a small tragedy that I hadn’t seen this video until today.