By: Slam

Back to the NBA. Back to The NBA, to prove to fans that I’m a good player. I got my three point shot packed up, my Nike’s tied tight, I hope I don’t get put on the end of the bench. Ohhhh, back to the NBA. Back to The NBA. Back to the NBA. Well, here goes Ersan far, far away…

*We apologize for the fuzziness of the first video.  If it really bothers you, just turn the  volume up and close your eyes.

Ersan Ilyasova already played for the Bucks

This will be Ilyasova's 2nd Trip to the NBA

In honor of the movie “Billy Madison” I decided to give Ersan Ilyasova a special sendoff from all of us at Euroleague Adventures.  The Milwaukee Bucks, who originally drafted Ilaysova in 2005, have just signed him to a reported three year deal worth $7 million. Ilaysova is coming off a great season for FC Barcelona in which he averaged 10.5 points and 7 rebounds a game helping lead Barcelona to the Final Four.  This will be Ilyasova’s second stint in the NBA as he played for those same Bucks for two seasons from 2005-2007.  In his first year he played mostly in the NBA’s Developmental League for the Tulsa 66ers and then moved on to play 66 games for the Bucks the next year averaging 6.1 points and 2.9 rebounds per game.  After playing two years for Barcelona, Ilyasova is much better prepared for the NBA.  Here are some more “Billy Madison” quotes that have been changed to show us what Ilyasova has learned in Europe and what he will bring back with him to the NBA.

You ain’t cool, unless, you shoot three pointers! Everybody my age is shooting three pointers; it’s the coolest!

Ilyasova always liked to put up three point shots, but he never hit them consistently.  Now he is finally shooting above 40% from three land in his 2nd season with Barcelona in which he hit 40.3% of his 3’s.  Now that defenses have to be honest with his long range shot it will open up more room for him to drive to the hoop and work in the post.  This will be a very good weapon to have in the NBA as Ilyasova is not as athletic compared to NBA players as he was to Euroleaguers.  His shot takes a little time to set up but he has a nice high arching release to get the ball over NBA foe.  With an effective outside shot he can drag power forwards out of the paint and shoot rainbows all day.

You know I like to Rebound, why can’t you just let me Rebound?!

Ilysova imporved his game in Barcelona

Ilyasova became a solid rebounder in Barcelona

At 6’9″ and 240 pounds can play both small and power forward.  In the NBA he will be a better matchup for the Bucks if he plays the power forward spot and the team is really lacking big men.  Even though he played a lot of small forward for Barcelona Ilyasova led a very good group of post players in rebounds.  He has the leaping ability and attitude to be able to bang in the paint for some rebounds.  In the NBA Ilyasovawon’t be able to jump over a lot of people but he will have to use that desire he found in the Euroleague to hustle after every ball thats up for grabs.

Now you’re all in big, big trouble!

Ilyasova was able to refine those two skills in the Euroleague and that will be what gets him on the court in the NBA.  If he can play some solid defense and add in some low post scoring then oppenents are going to be in big trouble.  The coach of the Bucks Scott Skiles likes players who hustle, rebound, and play defense.  Ilyasova should be able to fit into Skiles system nicely and add some offense too.