Will Fuenlabrada Beat Real Madrid? Absolutely, says Mike Hall.

By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

Losing an ACB MVP candidate midseason is never easy, especially when that man was a budding star like Gustavo Ayon. Now, Ayon’s with the Hornets and Fuenlabrada is in the Copa del Rey without him.

They do have Mike Hall, however, who has put up a solid 9.8 points and 5.8 rebounds per game in five games with Mad Croc Fuenlabrada. Tonight, Fuenlabrada goes up against Sergio Rodriguez, Nikola Mirotic and a Real Madrid team that wants to run them ragged.

Is Mike Hall confident? Absolutely.

Euroleague Adventures: Madrid tomorrow. What do you think?

Mike Hall: It’s going to be a great challenge.  But with atmosphere you never what’s going to happen.

ELA: Pablo Laso plays a pretty fast game. Can you keep up with them?

MH: Oh, that’s the game plan. If we don’t stop their run, we don’t have a chance.  That’s our number one point, our number one goal, so hopefully we come out and take care of things.

ELA: What are goals number two and three?

MH: Rebound, and rebound some more.  They’re a great team, they don’t have many weaknesses so we have to come out and just be on top of our game.

ELA: You guys have had to play through a lot this season—you haven’t been around for all of it—but Fuenlabrada started the season without a main sponsor (now it’s energy supplement vendors, Mad Croc), there’s been a lot of player turnover.  How have you guys come together, and now that you’re here, can you make it happen?

MH: We feel like we have a great group right now. After all the turmoil, all the bad things, we’ve had a pretty good streak over the last month and now we just hope to keep it going. This will be the icing on the cake if we can get a win tomorrow.

ELA: Can you beat Madrid?

MH: Absolutely.

ELA: Will you beat Madrid?

MH: Absolutely.