By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

Nobody ever said insuring a hammer would be easy. Harder still, if said hammer were a Pole who played for Phoenix and wanted to take his mallets to Lithuania for the summer. They’ve hit such a snag that Marcin might not be able to suit up for EuroBasket. Great news for Great Britain, and nobody else, really.

The rationale from his agent Guy Zucker, snipped from our buddies at SLAM Online:

‘A scenario would consist of the possibility of Marcin sustaining some sort of injury that’s not career threatening but serious enough to keep him out of action for an extensive period of time and the Suns having the option of terminating the remaining three years of his contract. It sounds simple but it’s not easy to insure something like that.’

You’re not my buddy, Guy. And I’m not your guy, friend. Reason #4,381 that basketball is (still) more fun than insurance.