With Stage 1 of EuroBasket now over we had Simon Jatsch from In-The-Game.org on to discuss what took place in the 1st round, what the new groups look like, and plenty more.  If you missed our first EuroBasket Podcast, you can listen here.


0:00 - 25:00: How good is Italy?  Do you have faith in Ukraine, Latvia, and Finland?  How will Groups E and F shake out, and which one is way better than the other?

25:00 - 40:00:  Who are some of the breakout young players of the tournament: Petteri Koponen, Alessandro Gentile, Robin Benzing, Viktor Gaddefoors, Kyryl Natyazhko…

40:00 - 52:00: Game Time! You have 100 Euros to bet on as many teams as you want to win it all. How thin will you spread your Euros, and how many teams have a shot at the ‘ship?

52:00 - 1:02:00: It’s back again: Simon’s Similarity Score Game with DJ Small Samples on the ones and twos. We give you four guys from EuroBasket past—Marko Popovic, Hedo Turkoglu, Matjaz Smodis, Sani Becirovic—and see if you can figure out which 2013 performance is the most statistically similar.

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