#ELARapUp: Rap Your Way To Free Final Four Merchandise

Can you capture this Euroleague season in a single rhyme? If you can, there might be some free Final Four merchandise in your future.

All you’ve got to do is dream up a single rap lyric about the 2011-12 Euroleague season and send it on over. If your bars go harder than the rest, ELA will send you this brand spankin’ new Euroleague Final Four T-Shirt.  You can submit your #ELARapUp two different ways:

Via Twitter

  • Tag your tweets #ELARapUp.
  • Rhymes must be 140 characters or less including the hashtag.
  • No profanity. Scratch that. Do what you must.

Via Facebook

  • Tag your posts #ELARapUp.
  • Try to stick to the 140 character limit.

The contest starts right now and we’ll be accepting entries until Sunday, May 13 at midnight (12:00 AM CET), and you can submit as many as you want. The winner will be announced on our site Monday morning.

Was it a single moment that stands out? Maybe Mirza’s emasculation of Shermadini or Milos Teodosic beating Bamberg at the buzzer. Was it watching locked out NBAers—Batum, Pekovic—star for Euroleague teams as others—Ty Lawson, DaJuan Summers—floundered?  Perhaps it was the crazy upsets or the rowdy fans that struck your fancy, or Panathinaikos and Maccabi’s epic five-game playoff series.

You can be as general or specific as you’d like, as long as it rhymes. Here’s one to get you going…

Shved’s ‘stache was a killer and AK’s blocks were violent, their opponents were like the ‘P’ in pterodactyl: silent. #ELARapUp

And another…

Cantu gave us drama and Bilbao burst Caja’s bubble, while Spanoulis said forget the beard, it’s time to fear the stubble. #ELARapUp

Obviously we’ll receive more than one excellent entry, so we will take all the silver medalists and turn them into a song, to be rapped by yours truly and posted on our site and on iTunes. And of course, we’ll re-tweet the best ones as they come in.

So drop a beat, spit that hot fire, and may the best rhyme win.