By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

Nobody hates an active offseason quite like ELA. Anticipating the exploits of a particular pairing—Chuck Eidson and Juan Carlos Navarro, for instance. Building hypothetical line ups in your head with closed eyes and licked lips. Painting over your favorite player’s old jersey colors in your brain’s Photoshop.

All that excitement only leads to stress. It’s uncalled for. This is still Summer, after all.

Stern’s henchmen have the right idea: absolute inactivity. No anxiety or foolish guessing games, just complete silence. Pitch black. Peace.

But apparently Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant prefers more thunderous Summers. The NBA’s two-time reigning scoring leader joined a growing list of stars that have suggested Europe might be their new homes if this lockout persists. Why take my word for it when you could read this fancy press clipping?

Agent Aaron Goodwin tells that “if the opportunity presents itself and the lockout persists,” Durant would look into overseas playing opportunities.

Durant’s spokeswoman, Mary Ford, confirmed Goodwin’s statement to The Associated Press on Tuesday. Neither Ford nor Goodwin mentioned specifics about what those opportunities might be.

Excerpt Courtesy of the Associated Press

I’m not quite sure the appeal, frankly. The Euroleague is currently locked in. Eurocup, EuroChallenge, same stories. Why leave a perfectly hoopless NBA for a foreign land bursting at the seams with underappreciated talent and brilliant coaches? As well as Durant plays a game for money, just imagine how effectively he could sit at his house for no cash at all. Wasted potential, if you ask me.

Besides, we know how poorly Durant fared against international competition in the FIBA World Championships. Let’s not leap to any rash decisions here, KD.