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Math is often heralded as the universal language.  But for those of us who’d rather shoot jumpers than crunch numbers, we’ve discovered a second chance at global literacy:

Euroleague basketball.

Already a grand success in Europe, its relevance to American basketball culture is growing faster than Josh Childress’ ‘fro.  Here’s what the site will offer on a daily basis (check out the links in the sliding doors up top):

  • The Blog: A daily dose of our opinions, picks, and wisecracks relating to the hot topics in international hoops.  We think we can be pretty funny sometimes, but we’ve been told otherwise. Often. You be the judge.
  • The Podcast: Slam and Freaknick’s bread and butter features banter, interviews, special guests, skits,  and even the occasional song.
  • The Americans: A database of over 600 Americans playing ball overseas.  Ever wonder what happened to college stars like Trajan Langdon, Joseph Forte, Casey Jacobsen? They’re not dead, but they are killin’ folks in Europe.  Sort either by college or by last name.
  • The Prospects: An up-to-date evaluation of players who are on the verge of making an impact, especially focusing on players eligible for the coming year’s NBA Draft.  Dirk, or Darko?
  • The Stars:  These are the guys who will make you fans and keep you coming back for more.
  • The Leagues:  A quick look at the various leagues scattered across Europe and an explanation of how teams are selected for the Euroleague (the top level of competition).
  • The Authors: We fully expect this to be our least clicked-on link.  Don’t disappoint.


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Slam and Freaknick