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Go Slam or go home.

Name: Slam

Height: 5′7″ (1.52 m)

Weight: 157 lbs. (71.2 kg)

Hometown: Madison, New Hampshire (USA)

College: Syracuse University (New York)

Contact: [email protected]

New Hampshire legend has it that Slam was born into this world with his hands up and his feet set, ready to shoot.  Only seconds old, Slam looked at his parents and shouted his first words with urgency: “Pass me the rock!”  Slam was born two months premature with a twin brother, and he explains this phenomenon very matter of factly: “The shot clock was running down and there was no time to waste.”   And about his twin? “I needed somebody to set me a pick so I could get a shot off.”  Since then, he has used his killer instinct to critique every pass, shot, steal or block that comes his way.  He speaks with conviction and writes with such fervor that he frequently forgets to punctuate.  He sometimes uses his distinct, high-pitched laughter to mask the mispronunciations of difficult Eastern European names.  Players like Novica Velickovic and Sarunas Jasikevicius can sometimes be his tongue’s nemesis, but he has shown the type of work ethic necessary to overcome long strings of consonants.

Freaknick leaves it all on the floor.

Name: Freaknick

Height: 6′2″ (1.83 m)

Weight: 186 lbs. (84.4 kg)

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

College: Syracuse University (New York)

Contact: [email protected]

Whereas Slam arrived ready to shoot his way to stardom, Freaknick was born with his gameface on looking to crash the boards.  He refused to walk upright and spent his first years diving on the ground for loose balls, and to counteract the chronic floor burns he decided to have knee-high socks surgically attached to his legs at age 4.  Despite relentless cruelty and insults from his peers, he continued to carry a clipboard and a Sharpie everywhere he went and demanded a huddle around him every time he spoke.  There is no doubt that Freaknick has the knowledge and ability to succeed at the next level, but scouts worry that his propensity to babble may translate to run-on sentences in the blogosphere.  He could benefit greatly from an occasional deep breath and needs to keep it simple as he has displayed a tendency to emphasize the wrong syllables of Spanish and Italian names.  All in all, he is still one of the more intriguing prospects in the Southeastern United States and teaming up with Slam should give them both a chance to hone their skills and develop into an effective tandem down the road.

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  1. talkinrobin Jun 22nd 2009

    Great site! Love the info. Looking forward to more.

  2. I would just like to say that I made a promise I would watch the Knicks if they got Johnny Flynn…looks like another lost year…I do like Jordan Hill though, and it could’ve been worse…they could have taken Hansborough…Lebron 2010??

  3. Lucky for you, you might get to watch Spanish bulldog Carlos Cabezas run some point next year, so stay tuned. And I had Jordan Hill going to the Knicks in my mock anyways. I’m not really sure what all the fuss was about. Anybody that watched him play knows that he’s not just a beast, but a beast with springs and a decent jumper.

  4. Bmeyer checking in, the Knicks missed out on Flynn and Curry, I feel so bad. If only they had plucked Christian Eyenga when they had the chance.

  5. What a timely post, I’m in the midst of putting together a Christian Eyenga piece. That is, if I can find enough info on him…

  6. uncle steve Jul 4th 2009

    just starting to check out your new site…. i think i am too old to really get it, but i’ll keep exploring.

  7. Eyenga?… is he good?… I kno the cavs aren’t bout to use him really… Especially if my boy danny Green starts hoopin like he’s supposed to…. I don’t mess with the whole Shaq thing tho… the NBA has been real shifty lately…. lebrello and shaq?…kobe and artest?… Have you heard ron’s new michael jackson rap btw… he’s definitely a basketball player…. any way i feel the site… just showin yall that crucial love….hope u can keep my foreign basketball knowledge up to speed… well actually my whole basketball knowledge… holler

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  9. Good job on all of the site. Very good read.

  10. talkinrobin Jul 31st 2009

    The site gets better all the time. More info @ the euroleague than anyone should want. Love the pics and bios. Hope to see u in Madrid Nick!

  11. Nicko

    Nice site - very impressive! I know you will generate a lot of interest with your great work.


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