The Leagues


The Euroleague is Europe’s top level of international competition and will thus dominate the headlines on our blogs and podcasts; however, most of the world’s most heated rivalries lie within the domestic league competitions. Without any further ado, here they are…


Euroleague BasketballWhere the champions of Europe’s domestic leagues come to prove their worth. If you want to stick around to play another year, you have to win. Here are the stiff requirements for Euroleague qualification, and here’s a breakdown of the Euroleague’s unique format.

The other leagues:



Europe’s second level of international competition.  The winner of the Eurocup secures a spot in the following year’s Euroleague.


The domestic leagues:



Adriatic League Italian League
Austrian League Latvian League
Baltic League Lithuanian League
Belgian League Montenegro League
British League Polish League
Bulgarian League Portuguese League
Croatian League Russian League
Czech League Serbian League
Dutch League Slovenian League
Estonian League Spanish League
French League Swiss League
German League Turkish League
Greek League Ukrainian League
Israeli League  














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