50 Reasons to Love

It’s almost here. Only 48 more dull days until the Euroleague returns to our lives for good, and while it may have left our television sets for the summer, it has never been far from our hearts.  That’s why, for that next month and a half we will be unleashing a new daily feature, “50 Reasons to Love.” If you’re already a fan of the Euroleague then our picks should only make you more anxious for action. If you’re a casual, fringe, or experimental fan, these may help develop an addiction.  Lastly, if you just happened to stumble onto our site by accident, all we ask is that you give it a chance and if you’re not swayed by the time we get to the twenties, then by all means you can click away forever and retain your Euroleague virginity.  Without any further ado, we’ll kick things off with a scrappy little point guard who wears green.  Thanks everybody.


Slam and Freaknick