WELCOME BACK! We will be getting you podcasts for the rest of the season and to start us off, we take a look at the Best Prospects in the Best League in Europe.  We went an hour long on Hezonja, Porzingis, and a plethora of other very intriguing young players in the ACB.

In the past we have used GoDaddy to host our podcasts but they no longer feature a podcasting service so we have switched to SoundCloud.

List of Prospects Discussed
Mario Hezonja
Kristaps Porzingis
Willy Hernangomez
Nicola Radicevic
Pierre Oriola
Marko Todorovic
Dejan Todorovic
Moussa Diagne
Marius Grigonis
Marc Garcia
Ilimane Diop
Alberto Diaz
Oriol Pauli

Podcast Breakdown

00:00-05:00: General talk on the Spanish ACB vs Turkish TBL

07:00-18:00: Mario Hezonja Breakdown

18:00-27:30: Kristaps Porzingis Breakdown

27:30-33:30: Who would you Draft: Hezonja vs Porzingis

33:30-57:00: Talk on the next level of ACB prospects including Willy Hernangomez, Nicola Radicevic, Pierre Oriola, Marius Grigonis, Marko Todorovic, Dejan Todorovic, and Moussa Diagne

57:00-01:02:00: Marc Garcia vs Ilimane Diop - Are they NBA Prospects?

01:02:00-01:03:32: Quick Shout-out to Alberto Diaz and Oriol Pauli

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