In the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Semi-Final there is a lot of familiarity.  The two teams have played each other many times over the course of the season, including a double overtime game for the ages in this year’s Copa del Rey.  We check in with CJ Wallace to take about his injury and guarding Nikola Mirotic, Marty Pocius so he can analyze the game for us, and Marcus Slaughter opens up about his defensive efficiencies.

Wallace has been hurt but according to him he’s “not 100%” but ready to play.  So even with his elbow injury, mentally he’s ready to go.

Pocius is injured and won’t be playing in the Final Four but as an ELA favorite, we had to get him to breakdown his team’s match-up with Barcelona.

Slaughter has been a defensive genius this season.  Inside, outside, there isn’t anywhere he can’t defend.  Listen to him break it down.