Here at ELA, we love to hear what the fans think, because at our core, we’re still fans ourselves. Just fans who publish their opinions online, even though nobody asked for them.

With what looks to be one of the strongest groups of teams we’ve ever seen in the Euroleague, who do you have holding up the trophy in Istanbul this May?  Maybe you think Panathiniakos will repeat, or that Huertas makes Barca unstoppable. Maybe Big Sofo can pound his way to the Final Four, bringing his Maccabi brethren with him. Or maybe you think Nikola Pekovic will carry Partizan all the way to the promised land (that’d be the ‘Other’ category in this particular poll).

Either way, have your voice heard here.  Comments appreciated if you would like to elaborate on your pick, especially if you like one of the wildcards.

Who Would You Predict to be the 2011-2012 Euroleague Champion?

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