By: Freaknick/@euro_adventures

I’m seriously considering approaching Skype regarding an official partnership with ELA. First an international podcast with BallinEurope from Hungary, then CanBallReport from Canada, then from New York City (OK…a stretch, but he’s usually based in Germany so work with me), and it all started a couple weeks back I took a break from my busy afternoon of NBA2k and food delivery to join John Hobbs of for the podcast you have before you. Oh yeah, and he was in England. So hit me up Skype. We have business to discuss.

As for the podcast, I kick things off with a little site history before chatting about Team USA’s strange roster and Lithuania’s chances of improving upon their Eurobasket 2009 debacle. The official press clippings from Mr. Hobbs:

After a short summer break the Podcast is back! The 17th edition of the pod includes an extensive coverage of Team GB’s campaign in EuroBasket 2011 qualifiers, a preview of World Championships in Turkey including a chat with our friend Nick Gibson from and more.

Also, I’ve been told this is only part one of two, so the rest of our conversation (which was a solid 45 minutes long) will be featured in part two of the cast.