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Week 8: The End is Near….. of the Regular Season

Once again there is a stalemate in the race for picking supremacy.  Slam went 10-2 last week and Freaknick pulled in a still respectable 9-3 mark.  Now they go into Week 8: SLAM: 53-19; FREAKNICK: 53-19. Heading into this week we see there are some real elimination games and opportunities for teams to make a statement.  Let’s see who they pick. Also, you can read Freaknick’s extended preview in SLAM Magazine.

Wednesday's Euroleague games.

FB Ulker @ Cibona

Slam: FB Ulker has lost 2 in a row and center Omer Asik for the near future.  Cibona only lost by 5 in Turkey, so expect this pesky bunch to give Ulker all it can handle.  Watch out for Jamont Gordon as he’s taken the training wheels off and is ready to be Cibona’s offensive go-to-guy. Cibona

Freaknick: FB Ulker

rawle marshallAsvel Basket @ Montepaschi Siena

Slam: At the beginning of the season you didn’t think Asvel would be a team that would scare you in Week 8.  With the addition of Rawle Marshall to go with the scoring prowess of Ali Traore and Bobby Dixon, their are ball games to be won, just not in Siena.  Siena

Freaknick: Siena

Olympiacos @ Lietuvos Rytas

Slam: After last weeks thrashing of Unicaja, we finally have the balanced Olympiacos we’ve been waiting for. Olympiacos

Freaknick: Olympiacos

Union Olimpija @ Caja Laboral

Slam: Caja Laboral scored 91 points and won last week with Tiago Splitter only chipping in 6 points.  I’d say they finally found some other offense. Caja Laboral

Freaknick: Caja Laboral

Maroussi @ Lottomatica Roma

Slam: While it would be fun to pick Maroussi here after they’re coming off a win Continue Reading…

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Cappie Pondexter: Women in the NBA?

12/14/09 - Women in the NBA?

Freaknick: Recently, David Stern told Sports Illustrated that he thinks a woman could play in the NBA within 5-10 years. Phil Jackson disagrees. Who would you side with and why? If not 5-10 years, do you think we’ll ever reach that point?

Cappie, doin' work in Ekaterinburg.

Cappie Pondexter: I honestly feel that a professional woman could compete in the NBA, but as a professional player myself, why would we? This is my thought process: It’s already hard for us to compete agaisnt the NBA on so many other levels. Also, it takes away from the hard work past players put into the WNBA to get it where it is now. I think it’s better if women players continue to make the WNBA the best professional league for women. We honestly got the skills to compete with men and at the end of the day “a hooper is a hooper” regardless if you’re male or female.

FN: Do you think you could play with the guys? Are there any particular WNBA players that could?

CP: Of course I can play with the guys. I grew up playing with a lot of them. Players like Will Bynum, Luther Head, and Dee Brown. I’m a ball player so I don’t mind competing against men or women. Most women who play at the highest level at some point of their lives have played with guys.

FN: Now that you’re in Europe, could you see a female player playing in one of the male professional European leagues?

CP: I mean, of course but why would a woman want to? I mean if they’re paying a nice Continue Reading…

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WEEK 7 VIDS: Aleks Maric is unstoppable

Partizan has been almost impossible not to root for the past few weeks as their once dim Top 16 hopes have been given new life despite facing the three most talented teams in their group over the last three weeks. How did they do it? Heart, hustle, and Week 7 MVP Aleksander Maric. Click the little boxes in the lower right hand corner to enjoy an enlarged experience.

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Week 7 Preview: Make or Break

A good week for the boys had Slam going 9-3 and Freaknick at 11-1, which means Freaknick leapfrogs Slam and the season standings are as follows: SLAM: 43-17; FREAKNICK: 44-16.  Freaknick takes a 1 game lead in this tug-o-war match, but that doesn’t mean Slam won’t find his wisdom again.  Week 7 might end up being a make or break week for a lot of teams so let’s see who they pick. Also, you can read Freaknick’s extended preview in SLAM Magazine.

Wednesday's Euroleague games.

Asvel @ FB Ulker
Slam: Asvel has a tough road ahead with games at Ulker and Siena, along with a home contest against Barcelona.  I think it’s going to amount to three straight losses with the first one in Istanbul. FB Ulker

Freaknick: Fenerbahce.

Rytas will lean on Bojan Popovic (pictured) and young guard Martynas Gecevicius to lead them into the Top 16.Orleans @ Lietuvos Rytas

Slam: Rytas win’s this game and it might not even be close as Martynas Gecevicius gets his long distance stroke back and goes bonkers. Rytas

Freaknick: Rytas.

Union Olimpija @ Maroussi

Slam: Maroussi already took care of business against Union on the road and I think it will be the same result back home. Maroussi

Freaknick: Union Olimpija.

Panathinaikos @ BC Khimki

Slam: Khimki lost this game by 33 points last time out, 33 points.  I know they’re undefeated at home but that will end here. Panathinaikos

Freaknick: Panathinaikos.

Real Madrid @ Asseco Prokom

Slam: Once Felipe Reyes gets comfortable look out, Madrid rolls and then it’s only 1 month Continue Reading…

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Freaknick’s Euroleague Preview in SLAM

Morris Finley is mentioned in the article...along with his dreads.

It’s not really that I’m playing it safe, but I just don’t see too many upsets this week. By now, every club knows exactly what it needs to do to keep their Top 16 dreams alive, and I think we’ll see the cream rise to the top this Wednesday and Thursday…with one or two exceptions. Check out the picks here, along with a few paragraphs about this week’s whippersnapper, Jan Vesely.

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FANTASY PODCAST: Length, strength and toughness

Travis watson, Robertas Javtokas and Jan Vesely have surprisingly favorable match-ups this week in the Euroleague.

Freaknick thinks he’s got a good crop of bigs this week, with Travis Watson leading the charge. But first, Slam apologizes for challenging last week’s “Posted on the Block” selections.

Click PLAY to listen below or download it on iTunes.

And remember, the rest of the podcasts can be found here or you can just subscribe on iTunes for FREE.

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