The Americans

Ever wonder what happened to Duke sharpshooter Trajan Langdon?  Shifty little Earl Boykins?  Formerly-fabulous frosh Joseph Forte? UConn’s husky guard Khalid El-Amin? Syracuse’s Gerry McNamara?

So did we.  So we did something about it.

I give to you the world’s only player directory dedicated exclusively to Americans playing ball overseas.  We combed through 27 different European leagues and 250 teams to find over 600 familiar American faces. From here, you have two options:

  • Click on “Sort by College” to list players underneath their respective alma maters.  We have over 260 schools all the way from Alabama to Xavier.
  • Or, you can “Sort Alphabetically” to reunite with your old favorite players, one letter at a time.
  • NOTE: All player listings are updated only to the ends of the 2008-09 seasons.  Pages will be updated upon the finalization of 2010 rosters around early October.  Thanks for understanding, folks.



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