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Brandon Jennings and Joe Budden: What two idiots say to each other when left alone

By: Freaknick

The video below is a conversation between Bucks draft pick Brandon Jennings and hip-hop wash-up  Joe Budden.  The audio is a bit fuzzy, so Freaknick offers a translation (WARNING: video contains explicit content, and listening to these two  engage in conversation will most likely leave you dumber than you were before clicking play).

Joe Budden (1 min 18 secs): I got [girls]  in Milwaukee, I aint even gonna front. LOL.

Translation: I wish girls still believed me when I told them I was famous. : (

JB (2:38): Don’t f*** it up.

Translation:  I’ll f*** it up for you myself.  I’ll have this on YouTube in no time.

JB (2:55): If you’re trying to be like Joe Budden then you’re doing the right thing.

Translation:  You’re on speakerphone and I’m recording this call on my webcam. Because I’m a loser.

Brandon Jennings (4:42): Man, f*** the Knicks.  Them [people] skipped out on me, man.  F*** the Knicks.

Translation: I had myself going 1,2,3,4 and 5 in my mock draft.  And they finally got rid of Starbury and Isiah!  They need a new headcase…I could be that guy!

JB (4:52):  Yo, you feel to the Knicks how I do about Jay-Z?  The Knicks are your Jay-Z? (Very pleased with himself, Budden laughs hysterically.  Jury’s still out about what was funny.)

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Jacko’s Draft Wrap

By: Freaknick

While 60 young men were celebrating the realization of their NBA dreams, the world was mourning the loss of Michael Jackson.  So, to recap the 14 players plucked from European squads on draft night, we will borrow some songs from the greatest entertainer of our generation:

Not even David Stern could rock the stage at MSG like the King.

Ricky Rubio (#5-Timberwolves): “You Are Not Alone”.  Congratulations, Ricky! You’re our starting point guard and the face of the franchise!  But…uh…we’re going to draft three more point guards, just in case.

Brandon Jennings (#10-Bucks): “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” .  Brandon Jennings has been known to stir things up and talk out of turn.  Bucks coach Scott Skiles doesn’t particularly go for that sort of thing.  We may have an 82-round brawl on our hands.

Victor Claver (#22-Trailblazers): “Black or White”.  White men can’t jump.  But don’t tell that to Woody Harrelson. Or Victor Claver. Dude has hops.

Omri Casspi (#23-Kings): “We’re Almost There”. While he may stay overseas another year, he’s very close to contributing to Sacramento’s re-building efforts.

Rodrigue Beaubois (#25-Thunder): “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”. Despite erratic play, poor shot selection and questions about his durability, Beaubois’s sporadic outbursts of athleticism kept him close to the hearts of scouts worldwide.

Christian Eyenga (#30-Cavaliers): “Smooth Criminal”.  Eyenga snuck into the back end of the first round despite an unimpressive body of work, and could be stealing Cleveland’s money.

Sergio Llull (#34-Nuggets): “They Don’t Care About Us”. Unfortunately, the second round is used as a platform for ESPN to repeat everything they said in the first round.  Twice.   Continue Reading…

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Slam’s Draft Diary Part 4 (2nd Round)

We pick it up at the start of the 2nd round:

10:27 – 2nd round here we come baby, I know you can’t get enough Slam.

10:31 – Wait did the Cavs actually select Christian Eyenga? This is crazy.

10:32 – Sactown takes Jeff Pendergraph, I mean Jason Thompson, I mean, what is this.  Teams taking the same players, people are stupid.

10:34 – Jermaine Taylor goes, he’s got some ups, but he’s a career backup pass.


10:38 – Dante Cunningham is going to be a solid NBA Player.  He plays well above his talent level and never quits.  He has a nice runner in the lane and will play the 3 or 4 in the pro’s.

Jonas where are you?

Jonas where are you hiding?

10:41 –Jonas Jerebko where are you?  This draft has been so crazy weird but we can’t have you drop too much farther Jonas.  Sweden needs you to get drafted.

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Slam’s Draft Diary Part 3 (The Euro’s Get Picked)

We start off with pick 22, as our 2nd Euro gets drafted:

9:35 – Come on Omri Casspi.  Supposedly the Trail Blazers traded up a couple picks to get Casspi.  Let’s make it happen Kevin Pritchard.

9:39 – Yea sir Victor is going to dominate the league.  Did I say that out loud, but yes he’s going to stay in Europe for a year and come back over.  He is 6’10” and is a PF who can step out to the 3 and dunk over anyone around.  Claver will fit nicely into the Blazers as he, Rudy, and Sergio can go clubbing Spanish style all the time in Portland.  The Three Amigos take over Portland.







9:44 – YEA BABY YEA!!!  As a Jewish American Omri Casspi getting drafted is a dream for all of us Jews.  Omri gets drafted by the Kings and is looking to play right away.  Casspi can run the fast break very well and can finish above the rim.  His calling card is hustle and energy as he will run through a wall for your team.  Let’s hope that translates to a lot of defense.  What Euro’s are next?

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Who the hell is Christian Eyenga?

Glad you asked.

And I wish I could help.

The sad truth is, once David Stern butchered the name of the Cavs first rounder, I grabbed my cell phone and my computer.  Neither device could immediately satisfy my Christian Eyenga curiosity.

So I made some calls, checked all the prospect sites (because ours admittedly didn’t foresee Danny Ferry’s genius), and here are Freaknick’s Five Fun Facts, Christian Eyenga style:

1. I spoke to a Euroleague source who says he recognized some of the clips that ESPN showed after Cleveland took him with the 30th pick.  ”I was at some of those games,” he told me.  ”And I don’t remember Christian Eyenga.”   Hmmm.

Your heart will get dunked on.

2. Christian hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Did you know that the DRC is the largest French-speaking nation in the world, with 66 million folks?  Take THAT Celine Dion.

3. There are only two other Congolese players in the NBA: 1) 4-time Defensive POY Dikembe Mutombo and 2) NBA Champion and Laker legend, DJ Mbenga.  While these two are known mostly for their defense, however, Eyenga is an offensive dynamo, averaging an astonishing 0.8 PPG in 4 games for DKV Joventut of the ACB League.

4. After extensive Googling and YouTubing, I couldn’t find that LeBron post-game interview I was looking for.  Remember?  After they lost to the Magic? When he said, “The only way we’re going to take our team to the next level is if we draft a virtual unknown Congolese player who averages under one point per game and probably won’t suit up in an NBA uniform until I’m a Knick.”

5. If you YouTube Christian Eyenga, the first video that comes up is the inspiring tale  of two hippies who raise a lion cub named Christian.  Frankly, it was the more entertaining of the two videos below.

Freaknick: out.

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Slam’s NBA Draft Diary Part 2 (1st Round)

Part 2: We get you going at pick 15 right after the lottery up through pick 21.

9:01 – Jrue Holiday is the faller in this draft, too bad for him.  The Pistons just took Austin Daye bust, but why wouldn’t you switch up your draft plan even if you gave Austin Daye a promise.  Take Holiday he can play point, something Stuckey can’t do.  Austin Daye, bust.

9:03 – Austin Daye is the third worst father – son NBA combo in this draft, once again, BUST.

9:04 – Dick Vitale praising Tyler Hansborough, this is so weird.  OO wait now he’s saying teams that passed on Curry are going to be regretting they didn’t take him.  He went seventh Dick Vitale, seventh, that’s pretty high.  Dick Vitale is the most unpredictable guy around, wait maybe not.  I just am waiting for a Bob Knight gushing over Steph Curry’s passing ability appearence.

Dick VitaleLove

9:06 – Bulls take Dejuan Blair mark it down

9:08 – And I’m wrong they took the other power forward, but James Johnson was a martial arts champion in Wyoming so he must be good.  Wyoming: American’s martial arts hot bed.

9:09 – The Wolves are probably salivating over trying to get Jrue Holiday, they’ll just trout out as many point guards as possible and run for days.

9:11 – Philly could ruin the Point Guard party and take Holiday, DON”T DO IT.  The Wolves needs all the best PG’s just for some great unintentional comedy.  And here we go……….. Too bad, Philly takes Jrue Holiday and ruins the Wolves dream of an all point guard lineup or……..

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