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Taquan Dean: “Get off the plane. You’re going to Russia.”

It’s been a tough month for our team. 2 and 0 in the Euroleague, but 0 and 5 in the Spanish League. Now just so you guys understand, the Spanish League (Asociacion de Clubs de Baloncesto or ‘ACB’) is the 2nd best league in the world. Yes I said it. 1st is the NBA and then 2nd is Spain.

"Get off the plane. You're going to Russia."It’s been a tough road for me in the last 4 years, but every stop has made me a better man and a better person. After college every player dreams of making it to the NBA and it definitely was my dream also. But God had a different plan, and at first I couldn’t understand but now it’s much more clear. After leaving Louisville, I landed a Summer League spot with the San Antonio Spurs and it went well. Had the chance to go to vet camp but I quickly said no because I couldn’t pass up for-sure money which was in Biella, Italy. The thought of going to Italy scared me to death just because I would be out of my comfort zone and the game was different. Then I sat back and said to myself, “You just suffered one of the biggest blows in your life, it’s no time to feel sorry for yourself and give up.” I then called my agent and said I wanna go out there early and train. What I didn’t know was the training would be in the mountains-I mean hard work. The fact that I didn’t speak Italian made it 10 times harder.

It was a huge adjustment I had to get use to. High school all over again. I blame Coach Pitino for spoiling us so much with the private planes, the massages, the great hotels and everything else that came…  Continue Reading…

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Week 3 Picks: As the injuries pile up, who will come tumbling down?

So after last week’s picks, here’s how we stand on the season (remember, our picks started in Week 2): SLAM: 8-4; FREAKNICK: 6-6. Let’s see if we can do a little better this time around.

Wednesday's Euroleague games.

Shaun Stonerook's 'fro is only part of the reason Asvel basket should be scared.Montepaschi Siena @ Asvel Basket

Slam: Did Asvel change their name to Ali-vel? Because unless anyone else steps up I smell blowout against Siena. Siena.

Freaknick: When you count the hair, Stonerook might have an inch or two on Asvel big ‘un Ali Traore. Well, I’m counting the hair. Montepaschi Siena.

Cibona @ Fenerbahce Ulker

Slam: I think we’re all starting to feel bad. FB Ulker.

Freaknick: Lynn Greer and Oguz Savas are high-fiving each other somewhere. FB Ulker.

Lietuvos Rytas @ Olympiacos

Slam: You can’t pick against the October MVP, Bojan Popovic. Rytas.

Freaknick: You can’t pick against the October MVP…unless he’s playing on the road against a team that’s talented and mad as hell after last week’s beat down. Olympiacos.

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PODCAST: Your Week 3 Fantasy Fix

Ali Traore and Tarence Kinsey are coming off big games, but should you give them the thumbs up this week? Slam gives you 5 guards on the upswing and 5 going down, and Freaknick does the same for the bigs. Have a listen and go make those roster changes before it’s too late.

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Do Ali Traore and Tarence Kinsey deserve spots on your fantasy roster this week?

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PODCAST: Freaknick’s Week 2 RAP-up

Freaknick hops back in the studio with some artistic inspiration from Lil’ Wayne to break down the second week of the Euroleague. So sit down and turn it up, world: the Weekly Rap-Up is back with a vengeance. Let’s get it…

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"Week 2 of the Euroleague...Tiago Splitter, Matt Walsh: Co-MVP's."

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Justin Gray: On the road again

Gray dropped 20 in a win against ISS Sportino.

11/1/09 - On the road again

What’s up everyone? I’m checking in from the road this time. We are on the road for two games in five days. Just finished the first game tonight here in Inowroclaw, Poland and we played ISS Sportino. We started off the road trip well with a good win by 15pts.

I know that personally, I like playing away games because you get a chance to show yourself to another team’s crowd. It’s always a good sign when the other team is cheering for something you did. At one point in the game I came down and hit back to back 3’s but the second trey must’ve been from deep because after it went in, Sportino’s crowd just all started clapping for me. Well, at least  Continue Reading…

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POCAST: Trick-or-treat, Euroleague! It’s the Halloween podcast.

Slam and Freaknick get decked out in Halloween attire to review the Euroleague week that was. Which teams have already separated themselves as the EL’s top tier? Is CSKA done? And which Euroleaguers are dressing up like Dumbledore, Yoda, and Predator this Halloween?

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Happy Halloween from Slam and Freaknick's Euroleague Adventures

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