Cappie Pondexter: Women in the NBA?

12/14/09 - Women in the NBA?

Freaknick: Recently, David Stern told Sports Illustrated that he thinks a woman could play in the NBA within 5-10 years. Phil Jackson disagrees. Who would you side with and why? If not 5-10 years, do you think we’ll ever reach that point?

Cappie, doin' work in Ekaterinburg.

Cappie Pondexter: I honestly feel that a professional woman could compete in the NBA, but as a professional player myself, why would we? This is my thought process: It’s already hard for us to compete agaisnt the NBA on so many other levels. Also, it takes away from the hard work past players put into the WNBA to get it where it is now. I think it’s better if women players continue to make the WNBA the best professional league for women. We honestly got the skills to compete with men and at the end of the day “a hooper is a hooper” regardless if you’re male or female.

FN: Do you think you could play with the guys? Are there any particular WNBA players that could?

CP: Of course I can play with the guys. I grew up playing with a lot of them. Players like Will Bynum, Luther Head, and Dee Brown. I’m a ball player so I don’t mind competing against men or women. Most women who play at the highest level at some point of their lives have played with guys.

FN: Now that you’re in Europe, could you see a female player playing in one of the male professional European leagues?

CP: I mean, of course but why would a woman want to? I mean if they’re paying a nice Continue Reading…

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