By: Freaknick

The friendly boys and girls over at have scoured the archives and rounded up the best still excitement this remarkable season had to offer.  Now, it’s up to us to crown a winner.  (By “us” I don’t mean “me and Slam”; that would be foolish on their part and an altogether awful idea).  But ACT QUICKLY! First round voting in the Euroleague Photo Face-Off ends July 26, so we have work to do.  16 photos.  5 days.  Nothing we can’t handle (again: “we”=anyone with an Internet connection).  So grab your brackets and cover your jewels, because we start where the sun don’t shine:

"If it's so easy, COACH, then why don't YOU take the damn charge?!"

Next Up in the Face-Off: Mario Kasun and Drew Nicholas saddle up and ride Massey and Khryapa like cheap bicycles.