Welcome to the first ever Euroleague Trade Machine!  Along with Rob Scott and Simon Jatsch we tossed around a lot of Euroleague trade ideas (CAUTION: these are all hypothetical).  The first part of the podcast we discussed what teams could possibly make a hypothetical trade and what players look to be available.  Then the rest of the pod is all about us tossing around potential trade ideas and seeing how to improve teams throughout the Euroleague.

Also a big thanks to anyone on Twitter who sent in trade ideas.  We probably discussed it if you sent it in.  Shouts to these folks for sending trades in: @IsmailSenol, @BBfromLA, @georgerowland, @ChristopheEPcom@ahmetmdeniz, @uhg80, @RomainParadis, @tricklion, and @savasbdl.


1-6: What teams need new pieces? What players might be available?

8-54: Trades! Trades! Trades!

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If you like the intro and outro beats on the podcast go listen to my friend and Bay Area musician Swen Hendrickson drop more of them.