Congratulations, Justin Gray

Congrats, Justin.

In the middle of the night before his first Eurocup game, Justin Gray became a father to a beautiful baby boy! Two months ago, Justin was generous enough to start blogging for us about life as a pro ballplayer in Europe and, needless to say, “The Gray Area” has been one of our most popular features ever since. On behalf of our readers and listeners we just want to say thanks for sharing your stories with us, and congratulations on your big day. We’re glad to have you as a part of the Euroleague Adventures family, and we know you’ll be a great Dad.

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Justin Gray: Father-to-be

Father-to-be, Justin Gray.Euroleague Adventures blogger and PGE Turow star Justin Gray is about to add another title to his résumé: father of a baby boy. He talks about how tough it will be to be thousands of miles away for such a special moment.

11/17/09 - Oh, baby!

What’s up folks! I know I’ve been missing in action lately, but I have a couple things going on here and back home I’m trying to take care of. First thing here is the team. We haven’t been playing the way we’d like to be playing. Also, with the Eurocup competition about to start up I wanted to get up some more shots and make sure I’m doing everything I can to be ready. I was always taught that when things aren’t going your way, you don’t point the finger at someone else. You look at yourself first and see what you have to do to make not only yourself better, but the team as well. So that’s what I’ve been up to: just trying to get better.

As far as the way I’ve been playing, I’m averaging 15.4 points, 3.4 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 1.3 steals, but that’s not it for me. I always go into the season wanting to shoot the ball well! When I say that, people always Continue Reading…

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Justin Gray: On the road again

Gray dropped 20 in a win against ISS Sportino.

11/1/09 - On the road again

What’s up everyone? I’m checking in from the road this time. We are on the road for two games in five days. Just finished the first game tonight here in Inowroclaw, Poland and we played ISS Sportino. We started off the road trip well with a good win by 15pts.

I know that personally, I like playing away games because you get a chance to show yourself to another team’s crowd. It’s always a good sign when the other team is cheering for something you did. At one point in the game I came down and hit back to back 3’s but the second trey must’ve been from deep because after it went in, Sportino’s crowd just all started clapping for me. Well, at least  Continue Reading…

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Justin Gray: Close encounters of the third country’s cuisine

Not Justin's cup of tea, apparently.October 27, 2009 - What”s up people!! As you can tell, I’m doing a little better. I guess that’s because we got a solid win yesterday vs. Poznan (Editor’s Note: Gray had 18 in the win). Yeah, we needed to get back on the winning track and it’s always good to be at home playing in front of fans that are cheering for you and not against you! Now we have the day off, and I don’t really know what to do with the day to be honest. I’m going so see if some of my teammates want to go and do something. The town I’m in is pretty small and it seems like I’ve already eaten at every restaurant in my 2 months here…that’s the life when you’re here by yourself. Continue reading…

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Justin Gray: horns, drums, and the Freaknick jinx

J-Gray had 18 in the loss to Trefl Sopot.

10/22/09: Drums, horns, and Freaknick’s jinx

What’s up people, I’m checking back in! I wish it were on better terms though, as we took an L on the road last night against Trefl Sopot, and it was a tough one. We were leading the entire game until the 4th quarter, and then we had some shots not go in and some calls not go our way.  But anyone knows when you’re playing on the road in Europe it’s tough just because the atmosphere isso much different than NBA games. The environment compares to the games I used to play in the ACC against Duke, or going to NC State for the last game of the regular season with 1st place on the line (Which, by the way, happened and we won too. Sorry Wolfpack fans! LOL). But really, the fans here are always into the game no matter what.  Even if their team is losing, continue reading…

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